About My Huatulco Vacation (MHV)

Established in 2008, MHV has over 15 years of experience representing Huatulco's vacation rental market. Working in daily collaboration with our partnered Property Management division, before acquiring the company in the November 2023 and bringing property management services in house. 

From its inception, MHV sought to create a brand with enhanced our focus on the expanding short-term property rental market from both the owner and guest perspectives. Through our commitment to excellence, this MHV continues to be the leader in the Huatulco region.

In July 2023 MHV was awarded an invitation into The One Hundred Collection, which is a handpicked list of the top rental and management agencies in North America. 

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My Huatulco Vacation's
Director of Property Management 

Meet Rene

Hola! I am René Arturo Salinas, and my story is intertwined with the beautiful region of Huatulco. Since I was 3 years old, this charming place became my home. I grew up amidst the lush nature and vibrant beaches of Huatulco, an experience that shaped my love for life and inspired me to explore new horizons.

From my family roots in Huatulco, I've cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic. Inspired by my parents, who started from nothing to become influential local entrepreneurs. I've chosen to follow their example and contribute to the growth of this region that I deeply cherish.

I studied a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Puebla, a choice rooted in my desire to elevate my appreciation for learning and management to the next level. During my time in Puebla, I also had the opportunity to undertake my professional internships, providing me with invaluable insights into how businesses can thrive and grow.

However, despite the exciting opportunities the city of Puebla offered, Huatulco was always in my heart. The call of its relaxed lifestyle and unparalleled natural wonders ultimately guided me back to this paradise. My passion for property management found its place in this unique environment, where I can apply my skills and knowledge to help others enjoy what this region has to offer.

In our company, I don't just offer property management services; I also share the deep understanding I have of this area and its people. My goal is to provide clients with a service that reflects my love for Huatulco and my commitment to excellence. I am excited to be a part of this community and contribute to making the experience of living here even more rewarding for owners who have also descoved and fallen in love with Huatulco.