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Welcome to My Huatulco Vacation (MHV)! We are pleased to present our exclusive management options designed to offer owners a worry-free property ownership experience and ensure that your investment is well taken care of and profitable.

At MHV, we are passionate about providing exceptional service and unmatched quality in our work. We take pride in caring for your property, whether it is vacant, hosting rental guests, or you are arriving to enjoy your property yourself. Our goal is to provide owners with peace of mind and confidence, knowing that their property is in the best hands.

MHV Rental Management :

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Full Property Management

Package Prefer a more streamlined option, without compromising on quality and service? Our "Essential Care" package focuses on the essential aspects of property management to provide you with peace of mind and optimal maintenance.


$150/MO. +IVA*

*Pricing based on property size and amenity profile, contact us for a quote. 

Administrative Services:
a.    Facilitating bill payments for services or purchases on your behalf (electricity, water, gas, property taxes, HOA fees, etc)
b.    Record-keeping and regular communication of all property-related expenses and activities
c.    Monitoring bank accounts and petty cash
d.    Inventory management of household items and supplies
e.    Monthly detailed reporting of income and expenses through a standardized system

Maintenance Service:
a.   Inspection of the property at minimum every 15 days, to ensure its condition; including, without limitation, the supervision of all electrical/battery operated equipment, major appliances and water/sanitary equipment
b.   Management and supervision of regular, preventive, and corrective maintenance
c.   Obtaining quotes from contractors and securing your authorization as needed
d.   Ongoing supervision of maintenance work, until the point of completion
e.   Monthly reporting on the status of the property
f.    Emergency / Extreme Weather-related services
g.   Fumigation coordination and supervision

Cleaning Services:
a.    Coordination of cleaning using our designated and trained cleaning staff, the cost for the housekeepers time is paid for by the owner. 
        NOTE:  Minimum of pre-arrival and post departure for every rental guest with a recommendation of 2 cleanings a month when your condo is empty.

NOTE: All repair, maintenance, carrying costs and supply expenses will be directly covered by Owner.

Additional Services As Requested / Required 

Additional services can be requested at any time to complement the property management packages mentioned above. We strive to provide you with flexible and personalized options to meet your specific needs. Contact us for detailed pricing and budget forecasting for your specific property.

  • Full Cleaning Service
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Garden Care
  • Condo Fumigation
  • Check In's / check out's    

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