My Huatulco Vacation (MHV) is a full service company specializing in Rental & Property Management. 

Rental Management (20% Commission) - MHV is the largest rental agency in the State with a focus on helping owners maximize their property's potential through industry leading software and 15+ years of experience. 

Property Management (10% Commission or Fixed Monthly Package) - MHV's goal is to offer owners the flexibility to choose a property management package that fits their unique needs, package options include: 

(1) 10% of Rental Income - for owners who prefer to balance their costs against their earnings and limit the need for upfront expenses.

(2) Fixed Monthly Payments - for owners who appreciate having a consistent monthly budget line attributed to the management of their home. Exact pricing for the fixed monthly packages will depend on your property size and set-up.

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Engaging a professional property management company alleviates the burden of day-to-day operations, allowing for a more stress-free ownership experience, especially for owners who do not live locally. 

My Huatulco Vacation offers 15+ years of experience in Huatulco. Offering owners access to a team of experts, industry leading software, a network of trusted contractors and partners, clear communication, rental guest screening,  legal proficiency on short term rentals regulations and tax compliance.

We will provide you with monthly financial reports on the costs associated with managing your property. Payments can be deducted from rental income or made via money wire. 

Yes, we value your participation in important decisions related to your property! Regular walkthroughs are completed to allow issues to be quickly identified, addressed and reported.  In the event of an unexpected maintenace issue, you will receive a report from our team indicating what has occured along with suggested solutions and quotes for repair options.