We had another company for two years and changed to MHV in the spring of 2023. We no longer have problems with missing or broken items...nor do we have unexplained expenses, their monthly accounting reports are clear...they don’t seem to be trying to hide costs from us.  

They really appear to be looking out for our interests. For example, they have turned down a renter because they were not sure he would be trustworthy. 

I can definitely recommend  My Huatulco Vacation and their property management team headed by Rene, a total class act.  Their services are not cheap (neither was our prior company) but I feel they earn their money and earn it honestly.  

We have had more tenants because of better marketing and received more income than previously, including this past summer, not just in high season. To other owners considering making a change, give them a try! You will most likely notice a real improvement in the services you receive.

- John A. Sotavento

We have used [MHV] 5 years in a row now and they are the best!

The level of communication and follow-up is outstanding. They offer so many great services, like airport shuttle, pantry loading before you arrive, tours in the area and basically anything you need they will assist. We trust them so much we got connected to their real estate division and have worked with them to buy a property that MHV will manage. You can't go wrong using their services and they have a great website to showcase their rental properties.

- Mike S. Amanecer

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- Sam Smith